Every cloud has a silver lining!

Creative DSigns in Ontario, Canada have told us how being a user of our premium aluminium compsite panel, Alupanel made a huge difference to them during the pandemic slowdown. Junior Benoit from the company told us "When Covid-19 hit and our business was deemed non-essential, we were unsure how we would be affected and how we’d make it through financially. On our first day working from home, we had a call form the local area gold mine who said they needed to create a divider unit to separate the workers when travelling underground in the cage together. They asked if I had Plexiglas glass and I responded with regrettable No, but I have something that will do the job - Alupanel. The Mine Manager responded with a “Congratulations you’re essential! Would you like to build them for us?"

Junior continued "The cage foot print is only 4’x6’ and can not be modified without engineers drawings and government approvals, which there was no time for. The unit had to be freestanding, yet light weight. Alupanel really did the trick and kept production moving at the local mine."

From despair to delight, Alupanel's versatility combined with Junior's quick thinking turned a bleak outlook into a great new opportunity which has lead to even more business. This project sparked a series of similar schemes plus a split unit to allow for more men in the cage and they used 6mm Alupanel to create a desk divider for the intake office where they could not maintain social distancing.

So, with our huge range of easy-clean colours and finishes, Alupanel is the perfect choice for many social distancing projects and can be used either standalone or in combination with clear plastics where visibility is required. Like we say - 'A Multitude of Applications!'

Mine elevator 1500x1000