Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACP or ACM?

ACP (Aluminium composite Panel) also known as ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is a sandwich panel of two aluminium skins bonded to an extruded core of either Polyethylene or mineral core. We also manufacture MULTISHIELD that has magnetically receptive galvanised steel skins.

What is the skin thickness available?

The standard skin thickness for fabrication grade Alupanel is 0.3mm (.012 in), while Alupanel Smart features a 0.26mm (.010 in) skin thickness. For flat applications, A-Lite and Lite products have a skin thickness of 0.2mm (.008 in), whereas Eco, designed for short-term projects, boasts a skin thickness of 0.15mm (.006 in). Additionally, our Multishield product offers a steel skin thickness of 0.25mm (.010 in).

What material is used for the core?

Alupanel is available with a 100% recycled Polyethylene (LDPE) core.

What colour range is available?

Alupanel has a standard colour range of 21 colours available from stock, gloss on one side and matt on the other. Subject to MOQ, bespoke finishes are available through our colour-match service.

What type of paint is used for the surface coating?

Alupanel has specialized coatings according to the recommended use for each product. Sign and display panels have Polyester or Polyurethane paint, some with specially developed digital coatings to enhance print results.

What is the warranty?

Silver Brushed Aluminium and painted finishes are guaranteed for internal and external use, all other brushed and mirror finishes for internal use only. Alupanel - 5 years, Alupanel Lite - 2 years. A-Lite - 2 years, internal and external use. Alupanel Eco - 1 year, internal and external use.

Is Alupanel easy to cut?

Alupanel can be cut on site using standard carpentry tools. Fabrication-grade panels can be folded and formed by using a router or V-groove blade. ACP is not suitable for laser cutting.

Why are there arrows on the protective film?

Some finishes are directional and must therefore be mounted in the same direction to avoid differences in reflectional qualities. The arrows on the film are to help ensure a uniform direction is easily identifiable.

Where can I buy Alupanel products?

Multipanel UK work with approved distributors in over 60 countries worldwide. To enquire about becoming a distributor, or to find a local stockist, please contact us.