Alupanel Product Partner Scheme

As a global business distributing our Alupanel ACM products in over 60 countries, we’re proud to be the material of choice for thousands of professionals. Congratulations and thanks to the companies who have successfully joined this partnership programme already.

Partners joining this programme can receive a number of fantastic benefits, including:

  • The PR benefit of aligning yourselves with our major global brand
  • Full accreditation for each feature
  • Links through to your company site
  • An official ‘Alupanel Product Partner’ logo to use in your digital and printed media
  • The opportunity to write a bio and testimonial, describing your specialist skills with the Alupanel product

Please note:
We only have a limited number of partnerships available for each global region.

If you’re an Alupanel user with professional photos of your projects, and would
like to submit Alupanel-based work to be featured, please contact for full details.