The EU Referendum

At Multipanel UK Limited we very much regret the outcome as we have always considered Europe to be one of our most important markets and, despite this recent development we will continue to work on expanding and consolidating our partnerships in Europe.

In recent years, Multipanel UK Limited has gained an even stronger position in the European and global markets thanks to the support of our partners and continued investment in our operations. This year we have made further improvements to our Dover plant including the installation of a motorised racking system that increases our warehousing capacity from 3000 to 4500 pallet locations and, having the ambition to become one of the leading and least-cost ACM manufacturers, further investments in production and storage capacities are being scheduled for the near future.

With our international multi-cultural workforce, production on two continents, commercial activities in 60 countries around the world and our ability to trade in a wide range of currencies, we are well-positioned to cope with individual downward trends in local markets. Our quality and stability will help us to make Alupanel a stronger brand in the markets in which we operate, helping us to realise our ambitions of sustainable growth and commercial success for Multipanel UK and for our partners.

Eu Referendum