Multipanel goes 24/7

Following last year’s successful launch of our multi-million pound UK factory, demand for high-quality Alupanel products is now such that our production line is in full swing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Developing a UK-based production capability utilising £12 million of the most advanced technology in the industry did create one or two challenges but, with the input from the global experts, suppliers and indeed customers, these have now been overcome and we have accordingly increased production to 24/7 in order that we can fulfil demand.

Multipanel UK Managing Director, Andrew Cock, said

We are extremely grateful to our customers for their patience and understanding whilst we’ve been setting up the UK factory. It has been a difficult and frustrating time but I’m pleased to say that, thanks to the tireless work of the Multipanel team and the loyal support of our partners, the early production issues have been overcome and we are now well on the way to becoming the Market Leader in the manufacture of ACM. The UK is renowned for its quality manufacturing and the location of our production plant provides excellent links to the transport infrastructure in the UK combined with easy access to the European road network and Ports, which is ideal for our global distribution needs. Alupanel® is the only product of its kind to be made in the UK and increasing manufacturing here will enable us to provide our customers with an unrivalled product in terms of quality, price and service.

One of the new products produced in the UK is Alupanel A-Lite® with a premium alloy skin which provides outstanding corrosion resistance and means this product can be worked with ease. Both sides of the panel are ultra-white matt finish that has been developed specifically to help display printed colours with increased brightness and intensity with the added benefit of greater durability.

The Alupanel® range of products also includes the architectural AlupanelXT® and AlupanelXTFR®, easily formable and available in an extensive range of colours and finishes that provide unlimited design options to create facades that are unique, innovative and eye-catching.

Andrew Cock continues “We have had some very positive customer visits to our manufacturing facility, it’s always a pleasure to host clients old and new where we can walk the live production line. Our customers appreciate the honesty and they only need to reach out for one of our open events, although we do have much to crow about with 96% quality across the plant.”

If you would like more information about the Alupanel® range please contact your Sales Manager or email

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