Multipanel UK goes Greener!

Multipanel UK has invested £3 million to build an onsite recycling centre at our UK production facility in Eythorne, near Dover (UK). This latest enhancement will take waste LDPE and process it into plastic pellets, a raw material used in the production of our Aluminium Composite Panels.

The new centre has a capacity to produce 2.4 tonnes of LDPE pellets per hour and these can be used for the core material in some of our ALUPANEL® range of aluminium composite sheets. It is also a major component in the overall aim to achieve zero waste from our operational production process, with scrap aluminium coil being sent for recycling and plastics purged from the production line being recycled at the new inhouse centre.

Daniel Lewis, our Purchasing Manager, said “Our two production lines have a joint capacity to consume 3 tonnes of LDPE per hour so, providing we can maintain supplies of suitable waste plastics, we could ultimately produce 80% of our requirement whilst taking a significant amount of waste away from landfill.”

The plastic produced at the new centre melts at a lower temperature than some other plastics and will therefore require less energy to heat up to optimum workability. The resulting reduction in energy consumption will further reduce the environmental impact of production, thus increasing the green credentials of the panels produced here.

Mr Lewis added “The type of plastics we need are not currently recycled in Kent so we would be extremely interested in speaking with any companies or authorities who currently have large volumes of LDPE waste that they can’t dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.”

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