Bigger Printing officially become an Alupanel Product Partner

Bigger Printing is among the first intake of companies to this new programme with Multipanel UK, which recognises outstanding work using Alupanel®, and provides an endorsement from Multipanel UK as a high-quality printer delivering a high-quality service.

Alupanel® is the highly successful core brand of Multipanel UK, and is the aluminium composite panel which Bigger Printing uses for its hoarding panel, display board and signage projects. They're also proud to use a UK manufactured product supplied by local distributor Perspex Distribution Limited.

Speaking on Bigger Printing being recognised as an official Alupanel® Product Partner, Bigger Printing’s Marketing and Operations Manager David Bowen commented ‘We are thrilled to be awarded the status of an official Alupanel® Product Partner. It’s a material which we truly use in high volume, on very large projects, and it’s simply not let us down. Our clients quite rightly demand a high-quality service from us, and meeting those expectations really start with the base material.'

Cedric Carr, Marketing Manager at Multipanel UK commented ‘We’re proud to welcome Bigger Printing as an Alupanel Product Partner. Their work over the past 20 years is a testament to their skill as a graphics and large format print specialist. We look forward to showcasing their excellent work with our Alupanel® products on our website upon it's relaunch this month, and also to our continuing collaboration as their material supplier for many projects to come.’