Product Development Manager

This is a unique chance to join a hyper-growth company, Product Manager is the strategist behind our product suite, responsible for creating, communicating and driving product visions and roadmaps within the wider product and company strategy.

Product Development Manager is a multi-faceted role that will involve:

  • Gathering and analysing data to measure product performance, spot trends, and make recommendations.
  • Working with Sales and Commercial teams to define actionable success metrics as we launch new products across Europe, Canada and USA.
  • Working with Quality teams on product introductions, testing, and pilot programs.
  • Developing processes to accelerate product development and improve customer experience.

This is person will work across different departments - primarily sales and commercial department, but they will need to get good insights from Production, Quality and planning teams regarding the products and the planning and timing of manufacturing.

Key relation will be also with our supply Chain manager, for every new raw material and different production specifications.

Key skills :

Marketing: identify the prospects and adapt and develop our marketing.

Market development: Find new applications for our products, identify and develop new channel to market in Europe , Canada and USA.

TECHNICAL KNOLWDGE 100% of our industry, products, and preferably printing industry (to gain during the training)

An ideal candidate has:

  • Proven analytical skills to understand metrics, build insights from data, and relate data to business problems
  • Bias-to-action and hands-on experience delivering business results
  • Strong organizational skills. Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be comfortable with both customers and internal audiences

Working hours : Monday to Friday 40h per week Salary : 35K-40K

To apply, please complete the online application form.