"We prefer to use a more rigid product...
Alupanel is all we use..." New Image Signs - Taren Point NSW

Alufoam Overview

Alufoam panels feature a virgin, white, foamed polyethylene core which has the advantage of being 30% lighter than standard aluminium composite. The ultra white surface of Alufoam displays printed colours with increased brightness and intensity and a special coating delivers vastly improved ink adhesion for colour fast prints.


Particularly suited to display applications where the side of the panel may be visible.


Alufoam Technical Drawing


  • Screen and Digital Printing
  • Sign Making
  • POS Displays
  • Retail Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Lightweight Hanging Signs



Technical Specifications

Panel Dimensions (mm)

Standard Sheet Sizes (mm) 1220 x 2440 1500 x 3050
Panel Thickness (mm) 3.0
Aluminium Skin Thickness (mm) 0.15 0.21
Weight (Kg/m2) 2.48 2.73

Dimensional Tolerances:

Thickness (mm) - 0 + 0.2
Width (mm) ± 2
Length (mm) ± 3
Thermal Expansion 2.4mm/m @100˚C Temp Difference
Aluminium Thickness (mm) Where applicable as specified in EN485-4

Surface Properties:

Paint Thickness (micron) 20
Pencil Hardness >HB
Toughness of Coating 3T
Temperature Resistance -50˚C to +90˚C
Boiling Water Resistance Boiling for 2hrs without change
Acid Resistance Immerse Surface in 2% HC1 for 24hrs without change 
Alkali Resistance Immersed surface in 2% NaOH for 24hrs without change
Oil Resistance Immerse Surface in 20# engine oil for 24hrs without change
Solvent Resistance Cleaned 100 times with Dimethylbenzene without change
Peel Strength 180˚ >5 Newton / mm

Product Properties (mm)

Sound Absorbtion NRC 0.05
Sound Attenuation Rw db 24
Water Absorbtion % By Volume 0.01
Thermal Performance R Values 0.0080
Core Composition LDPE
Fire Performance Class 1 BS476 Part
Tensile Strength 149MPa

RAL Colours

Alupanel Ultrawhite Digital is only available in Ultrawhite finish.

For coloured panels please see our "Alupanel" product page. 

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