Alupanel A-Lite
"We use Alupanel for its range of colours" Javier. Rotulaciones Grafiko

Alupanel A-lite, Aluminum Composite Panels

5 Years

In common with the excellent specification of the whole Alupanel® range, the new A-Lite panel is made in England using the highest grade materials.


The superior Polyethylene core, specially developed paint system and unique easy-peel protection film are all there but, new for this premium panel is the 0.2mm A5005 alloy skin.


Providing ourstanding corrosion resistance, this alloy also adds to the rigidity and impact resistance of the panel whilst ensuring a smooth, flat surface.


Both sides of the panel are ultra-white matt finish that has been developed specically for digital and screen printing to help display colours with increased brightness and intensity with the added benefit of greater durability.


Aluminum Composite Material


  • Printing Direct
  • Sign Making
  • Wayfinding
  • POS Displays
  • Shopfitting
  • Exhibition Design
  • Outdoor Advertising

Technical Specifications


Standard Index


Value / Thickness







Aluminium Thickness

  mm 0.20

Face Finish


Digital Matt / Digital Matt

Weight   kg/m2 2.6 3.5 4.5 6.3
 Core Composition    -  LDPE
 Thickness Tolerance    mm  -0 +0.2
 Aluminium Thickness Tolerance    -  As specified in EN485-4


 Surface Pencil Hardness  >HB    2H
 Paint Thickness    micron  20
 Toughness of Coating      3T
 Peel Strength  180°  N/mm  >4
 Tensile Strength of Aluminium Layers    MPa  170


 Temperature Resistance    °C  -50 to +90
 Thermal Expansion    mm/m°C  0.024
 Thermal Resistance  R  m2 K/W  0.0057

 Chemical Resistance

 Boiling Water Resistance  2 Hours  No Change
 Hydrochloric Acid Resistance  24Hr @ 2% HC1  No Change
 Oil Resistance  24Hr @ 2% Engine Oil  No Change
 Solvent Resistance  100 x Dimethylbenzene  No Change




BS476 Part 7

Class 1

BS476 Part 6

Class 0

Sheet Sizes and Tolerances





 1000 ± 2mm  2050 / 3050  ± 3mm
 1220  2440 / 3050
 1250  2500 / 3050
 1500  3050 / 4050
 2000  3050 / 4050

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