Alupanel XT Series
"We use the black and white Alupanel" Miguel. Rotulos Cruz

Alupanel XT, Aluminum Composite Panel

The Alupanel XT Series is the modern option for creating beautiful, cost effective exterior cladding solutions from aluminium composite panels, for curtain walling and facades.

The immense range of fixing options, combined with the processing and folding possibilities provide the architect, contractor and end client with a long lasting durable finish.


Other aluminum composite panels available is Alupanel XTFRA2, our Fire Retardent product. The aluminium is supplied with Kynar 500 PVDF coating especially good for curtain walling.  XTFRA2 holds saught after A2 fire certification and has a specialist Fire Resistant mineral core.


The AlupanelXTSeries is available in a large range of colours and finishes, from standard solid colours to metallics, granite, marble and stone effects.


*Alupanel XT is a directional product - please install panels in the same direction (directional arrows are shown on the protective film)


Aluminum Composite Panel


  • External facades
  • Curtain Walling
  • Wall Cladding
  • Tunnel Linings
  • Edging
  • Transport
  • Interior Cladding

Technical Specifications

Panel Thickness (mm)

Aluminium Skin Thickness (mm) 0.5
Weight (Kg/m2) 5.48 / 8.12

Standard Sizes (mm):

1220 x 2440 *
1220 x 3050 *
1500 x 3050 *
1500 x 3200 *
1500 x 4050 *
2000 x 3050 *
2000 x 4050 *

Dimensional Tolerances:

Standard Index Test Value Single Item Determination
Thickness (mm) ± 0.2 + 0.02 - +0.20 OK
Width (mm) ± 2 0 - +0.4 OK
Length (mm) ± 3 0 - +0.4 OK
Diagonal (mm) < 5 0.4 OK
Thermal Expansion -- 2.4mm/m @100°C Temp Difference --
Aluminium Thickness (mm) -- Where applicable as specified in EN485-4

Physical/Mechanical Properties:

Standard Index Test Value Single Item Determination
4mm Panel Weight PE/FRA2 Core -- 5.48kgm2 / 8.12kgm2 --
Noise Reduction -- 26dB --
Surface Pencil Hardness <HB 2H OK
Boiling Water Resistance no abnormality no abnormality OK
Pollute Resistance < 5% 2.56% OK
Hydrochloric Acid Resistance no change no change OK
Nitric Acid Resistance no abnormality (▲E < 5) no abnormality (▲E -0.28) OK
Alkali Resistance no abnormality (▲E < 5) no abnormality (▲E -0.19) OK
Oil Resistance no change no change OK
Solvent Resistance no base exposed no base exposed OK
Bending Strength < 100MPa < 166MPa OK
Bending Elastic Modulus < 2.0 x 103MPa < 3.98 x 103MPa OK
Penetrating Resistance < 7.0kN 10.0kN OK
Shearing Strength < 22.0MPa 30.1MPa OK
Heat Distortion Temperature < >95°C < >100°C OK


   XT Traffic White / RAL 9016    XT Stone Grey / RAL 7030   XT Anthracite Grey / RAL 7016
   XT Traffic Yellow    XT Pale Green    XT Ultramarine Blue / RAL 5002
   XT Traffic Red    XT Sepia Brown    XT Jet Black / RAL 9005
   XT Silver Metallic / RAL 9006    XT Dark Grey Metallic / RAL 9007    XT Bronze Metallic
   XT Blue Metallic    XT Copper Metallic    XT Gold Metallic




   XT Bright TL    XT Quartzinc Brushed    XT Bright Brushed
   XT Titanium TL    XT Titanium Brushed    XT New Gold Brushed
   XT Obsessive Pearl - Mica    XT Samurai Stainless    XT Aerospace Titanium
   XT Canyon Copper    XT Glamorous Gold    XT Galactic Diamond
   XT Onyx White Blue - Mica    XT Pyrite Copper Orange Gold - Mica    XT Pyrite Red Green - Mica




  XT Patina Copper 1    XT Weathered Zinc 1    XT Impala Grigio
  XT Italian Walnut    XT Colonial Oak     XT New French Cherry
  XT Carbon    XT Terracotta Orange Brown     XT Self-weathering Zinc
  XT Ano C32 / Light Bronze    XT Ano C31 / Silver Bronze     XT Ano Grey Black


The AlupanelXTSeries can also be colour matched to almost any RAL colour - allowing corporate colours to be matched with ease.

Alupanel XT used in Carrefour Alupanel XT used in Carrefour Alupanel XT used in Carrefour Alupanel XT used in Grand Designs project Alupanel XT used to clad Hotel
Alupanel XT used to clad shopping centre in Ireland Alupanel XT used for residential development in Chile Building Alupanel XT used to clad Shopping Centre in France Olsen
Alupanel XT Building2 Alupanel XT used to rebrand Petrol Station in Chile building 3


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