L2 Flat Clad System
"We changed from another brand to Alupanel and use both the black and white" Luminosos Gallego

L2 Flat Clad System Overview

L1 and L2 cladding systems have been designed for the installation of ALUPANELXT/XTFRA2 panels onto exterior walls.

The L systems create a ventilated cavity between the cladding screen and the wall/insulation surface. A gap of 20-100mm enables air to freely circulate and subsequently vaporise any moisture, keeping the wall and insulation as dry as possible.

  There are 2 different options available for fitting XT/XTFRA2. The first option – L1, is designed to be used with folded cassettes and features a L1 & L2 Systems special hinge system to fix them to aluminium carriers. The second, L2, is designed to install flat panels on the wall using adhesives or mechanical fixings. Each system consists of aluminium profiles and stainless steel fixings.

The systems feature:

  • Easy regulation of distance from the wall.
  • Invisible fixings
  • All aluminium profiles are anodized to improve corrosion



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