James Meylan - Sign7 News 18-06-2014

Multipanel's Global Sales Manager, James Meylan interviewed by Sign7 News.

"Do you earn £32,500? Wages are the hot topic; now made in England, the material distributed by Perspex; and more…"

New Research & Development Department

Great companies invest in innovation and, as part of our long-term strategy to secure a profitable future for Multipanel UK, we intend to establish an in-house Research & development facility to improve the technologies we currently offer and to develop innovations that will strengthen Multipanel UK’s position in the ACP marketplace.

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The EU Referendum

Like many others, we were extremely surprised by the outcome of the recent referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. At Multipanel UK Limited we very much regret the outcome as we have always considered Europe to be one of our most important markets and, despite this recent development we will continue to work on expanding and consolidating our partnerships in Europe.

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Further expansion at Multipanel UK

Following the successful launch of our UK factory and the introduction of several new product lines, Multipanel UK has recently invested £560,000 expanding our UK site to include additional warehousing immediately adjacent to the UK production facility. To maximise capacity, the new warehouse has been fitted with a bespoke mobile racking system that utilises 95% of the warehouse volume, providing additional storage for 1500 pallets of Alupanel® products and bringing total stock capacity at the UK site to 4500 pallets.

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