If you are looking for variety, versatility and a massive range of composite aluminium panels you will not be disappointed by what you find in production at Multipanel UK. A huge collection of composite material has been developed thanks to a host of diverse ways in which the composite panel can be applied and thanks too to growing demand. These composites comprise polyethylene sandwiched between aluminium in a number of formations to perform hundreds of different construction tasks.

Variety is the natural inheritance of this most agile of composites. The performance of ‘Alupanel’ is a fine example of this versatility. Witness the practical application of this material from sign-making and shop fitting, to partitioning in offices and homes, to hoardings, to contemporary building design. Multipanel now produces Alupanel in one of the largest colour ranges in the industry, to complement some sixteen special finishes. We also provide tools for onsite fabrication of panels which gives cost-effective and time-saving results in every situation. The end product can thus be tailored to create many imaginative solutions enhanced by the sheer, cool beauty of the flat and light-infused finish. Alupanel has created solutions in such stunningly impressive ways that it is difficult to put any limit to its potential application.

We have created a neat division between building and sign-making at Multipanel UK, because of the many ways in which Alupanel has traditionally been put to use. For building, Alupanel’s versatility extends to a robust, aluminium and plastic application under the apt name of Alupanel XT providing a stylish, fire and graffiti resistant answer to the routine troubles found in our external building and transport environments. From sign-making and shop fitting, to partitioning in offices and homes, to wall-lining for trains, buses and commercial vehicles to kitchen work-surfaces, it is the most adaptable of all composites.

The product’s natural clean and flexible finish readily lends itself to the high standards of utilitarian sites such as hospitals, clinics and other public places where unseen microscopic hazards can live in the very fabric of ordinary walls and facilities. Aluwall, with its coating of BioCotes Silver Ion Technology inhibits bacterial growth and provides continuous anti-microbial protection for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, catering environments, education and leisure sites, as well as retail outlets. Both Alupanel and Aluwall are available with a Cap Profile System to enable easy installation onto a sub-frame profile to form a smooth and hygienic finish.

In the context of architectural designs, Aluhex has also provided us with a tough core structure of hexagonal design combined with the flat surface to give us a lightweight panel with both heat and sound-proof qualities. It is ideal for curtain wall cladding, partitions, interior décor, ceiling, floor, car, rail, boat and aircraft design.

Perhaps you can now appreciate the multitude of ingenious solutions which have emerged through Alupanel’s application to internal and external building and transport requirements. And the list goes on, as knowledge of the benefits of this material spread worldwide, the product’s versatility, colour and beauty grows to encompass the ceaseless demands of clever, insightful and imaginative architects and engineers. The total range of sign-making solutions is another example of the endless uses to which you can put these aluminium composites.

The processing techniques Multipanel have applied to Alupanel make sign-writing and construction a formidable solution to the demands of corporate design, attracting admiration to the kind of large, freestanding corporate insignia instantaneously visible on the sky-line. Almost any RAL or Pantone Colour can be matched to corporate colours. With its amazing rigidity, lightweight profile and tough, smooth finish, Alupanel can be either printed using digital or screen printing or even vinyl lettering and sheet techniques. On a smaller scale, Alupanel can be applied to point of sale displays, and trade fair designs. Small site hoardings can be achieved using Multipanel’s ‘Ecopanel’ which provides the most cost-effective solution for short-term projects. Alupanel Lite and Alupanel Digital give designers the freedom to create astonishing visual displays on flat surfaces.

Likewise, a further choice for sign-makers is Aluflute, which has a double wall-core of polypropylene, producing a strong, lightweight panel which can be used wherever exceptional strength is required in exceptional designs.

The endless uses of Alupanel has given sign-writers, architects, engineers and designers unparalleled freedom to create the most astonishing and beautiful visuals with hugely practical potential in our working and living environments. With unlimited support from our industry’s years of experience, there really is no limit to the success of these products or those who employ its talent.


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